Bold And Beautiful By Phil Creations


  • 2-piece necklace and earring set
  • Red and black colour combination
  • For party, church, funeral, work, etc
  • Handmade from natural stones and crystals


  • Kaisely 2-3 Years Toddlers Girls Outing Special Occasion Cotton Embroidery Dress


  • Type: 2-piece necklace and earring set
  • Name: Bold And Beautiful
  • Variations: There are no variations
  • Year of manufacture: 2018
  • Designed and made by: Phil Creations
  • Target: Women
  • Origin: Made in Ghana
  • Material: Natural stones, crystals, metal and beading thread
  • Weight: Earring – 5.9g, Necklace – 40.5g
  • Earring dimensions: H=1.6cm , W= 0.6cm
  • Necklace dimensions: Length = 40.6cm
  • Variations: This is the only variation
  • Advantages:
    • Not too heavy – earring is
    • Feels natural and comfortable on the skin
  • Customization: Can not be customized
  • How to order: Can be made upon request