Crazy Feng 2 Pcs Slim Simple Arrow Knot Bangle For Women And Girls


  • Simple bangle for women and girls
  • Bangle for casual and formal dressing
  • Open end arrow and knot bangle

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  • Item type: Open end bangle
  • Material:¬†Copper and Zinc Alloy
  • For: Women and girls
  • Occasion: casual, informal or formal
  • Total weight: 11.6g


  1. It is an open end bangle
  2. The brand name is Crazy Feng
  3. This bangle was made in China
  4. It is a bangle for women and girls
  5. The arrow bangle weighs 4.1g
  6. The knot bangle weighs 7.5g
  7. The 2 pieces together weigh 11.6g
  8. The bangles are made of metal
  9. They are made from Copper and Zinc Alloy
  10. They are rose gold coloured bangles
  11. The bangles can not be customized



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